jagmeet_profile I am Jagmeet Singh Brar from Udekaran Village in Shri Muktsar Sahib in Punjab. In my family we are three members, my father, my mother and me. I am 24 years old and I and presently pursuing PGDCA and after finishing PGDCA I will go M.Sc. I am not married yet. My hobbies are reading books, hanging out with friends, reading about agriculture and learning new techniques and methods related to agriculture. We have 40 acres of land and we grow wheat, paddy, cotton and sugarcane. We grow sugarcane on 5 to 6 acres only. We use non organic pesticides and fertilizers in our fields. 2 tractors, trollies, plough, levelers etc are the implements we own and use them for our agricultural needs. We have 7 buffaloes as well for the milk and milk product needs of our house. We grow Gaur, Bajra (Millet), Jaun, Makki (Maize), Barseem (Clover) etc for the fodder purposes for our livestock. We sell our products in mandi Shri Muktsar Sahib.



I Have 40 Acres of Land


I Grow Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane.


I Own 2 Tractors, Trolleys, Plough and Levelers.


I Have 7 Buffaloes for Dairy Needs of the House.

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Message to Farmers

My message to my farmer friends is that we work so hard for almost 6 months for one crop and then we face problems while marketing our produce. At times the untimely rains also ruin our crops lying in Mandi. The rates which we get are not at all satisfactory at all for farmers and we should all unite and stand together and fight for our rights.


UK Brar Farms

Address: Village Udekaran, District Shri Mukhtsar Sahib, Punjab, 152026
Phone: +91 9517805911